Optimize banking risk, reward, and performance

Banking is changing rapidly. Interactions with customers are going digital. Regulatory climate is unpredictable. Global markets and global competitors are creating new opportunities and threats. And new technologies are both changing how people spend and save and creating new cyber-security threats. Only by powering business decisions with data-driven insights can banks navigate these challenging industry forces.

Model customer lifetime value

Predict which customers are worth the most to the bank, to focus marketing and customer service resources effectively.

Predict and prevent churn

Monitor customer experience, detect dissatisfaction with your services, and target retention efforts to customers at-risk to close accounts or switch to competitors.

Set the right price

Analyze regional markets, climate patterns, competitive moves and consumer spending when planning promotions and pricing strategies. Make optimal decisions for each location.

Detect and prevent fraud

Recognize suspicious patterns and anomalies, take preventive action, and notify customers quickly to minimize exposure.