DataPI Solutions

There’s virtually no business process that can’t be improved with data science. Vast quantities of data are being produced every second that can be analyzed for insight to aid decision-making. Data science can bring a wide variety of sophisticated, flexible approaches to any challenge to help achieve practically any goal. For every problem there’s a unique and creative analytical solution waiting to be devised and put into action. The right data science platform empowers analytics teams to help their organizations achieve greater success.

Create true 360-degree customer views and highly effective, personalized interactions. Combine and analyze huge volumes of data in a fraction of the time to identify potential anomalies or service opportunities. Unify internal and external data to holistically identify, analyze risk, eliminate false positives and reduce the uncertainty of outcomes, liabilities or losses.

Use Cases

Churn Prevention

Identify customers likely to leave, take preventative action.

Customer Lifetime Value

Distinguish between customers based on business value.

Customer Segmentation

Create meaningful customer groups for more relevant interactions.

Demand Forecasting

Know what volumes to expect to improve planning.

Fraud Detection

Identify fraudulent activity quickly, and end it.

Next Best Action

The right action at the right time for the right customer.

Price Optimization

Set prices that balance demand, profit, and risk.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict equipment failure, plan cost-effective maintenance.

Product Propensity

Predict what your customers will buy, before even they know it.

Quality Assurance

Resolve quality issues before they become a problem.

Risk Management

Understand risk to manage it.

Text Mining

Extract insight from unstructured content.



Drive better results


Better return on your data deposits

Consumer Goods

Power better results


Power better results


Serve citizens better


Healthier customers and businesses


Insure your business success

Life Sciences

Improve lives and businesses


Data kaizen


More shoppers and more shopping


Make better connections


Journey to better results