DataPI Turbo Prep

Blend, wrangle, and cleanse data with intuitive data prep that’s fun to use

Intuitive Data Prep

Work directly with data in a fast, fun, and interactive data prep experience

  • Make changes and see results right away, even with massive datasets
  • All changes are versioned and can be rolled back in a single click
  • Pass data back and forth between DataPI Studio and Turbo Prep

Explore and Visualize

Interactively explore data to evaluate its health, completeness, and quality

  • Create pivot tables to explore and visualize data using
  • See robust statistical overviews and visualizations


Radically simplify data cleansing for machine learning

  • Use machine learning to automatically remove low quality and correlated data columns
  • Convert columns to numerical or categorical in a single click
  • Built-in features like principal component and normalization


Join data from multiple sources to get a more unified view

  • Merge multiple datasets together with just a few mouse clicks
  • Machine learning automatically identifies matching columns to merge


Get data ready for predictive modeling and analysis

  • Extract, filter, transform, and group data
  • Create new data columns using a simple but powerful expression editor

Re-use and Share

Connect data to business processes to turn insight into action

  • Send data to DataPI Studio or DataPI Auto Model for predictive modeling
  • Export data to spreadsheets and data visualization tools
  • Create repeatable data prep and ETL processes that can be scheduled and shared