DataPI Server

Share and re-use predictive models, automate processes, and deploy models into production

Team Collaboration

One place to share, manage, and secure data prep and modeling processes

  • Share data prep and modeling processes in a central repository
  • Configure granular permissions to control access to specific processes and folder

Process Automation

Automate important tasks as often as needed

  • Create scheduled processes to prep and clean data, retrain models, and continuously score data in real-time
  • Integrate with external applications through a REST API

Lightning Fast Model Creation

Use dedicated server hardware to radically speed up predictive model creation

  • Take full advantage of multi-core multiprocessor server architectures
  • Push jobs from DataPI Studio to DataPI Server in a single click

Turn Insight into Action

Operationalize predictive models and turn prescriptive actions into prescriptive recommendations

  • Create production web service APIs in just a few mouse clicks
  • Deploy models to DataPI Real-Time Scoring for high volume, low latency scoring
  • Monitor model performance over time to detect degradation and retrain as needed