DataPI Real-Time Scoring

Visual workflow designer that brings data science and machine learning to the entire analytics team, from analysts to experts.

Operationalize predictive models

Drive revenue, reduce costs, and avoid risks with real-time scoring

  • Assess financial service risk in real-time
  • Identify manufacturing defects in real-time to prevent failure before it occurs
  • Create new revenue streams through real-time custom analytics

High velocity, low latency scoring engine

Support demanding use cases that require real-time performance

  • Extends DataPI Server for real-time scoring use cases
  • Deliver predictions with near-zero latency in just a few milliseconds
  • Deploy on-premise or in the cloud via Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure

Easy to integrate with existing applications

Add real time scoring to any business application or process

  • Use a REST API for easy integration with existing applications and programming languages.
  • Elastic scaling and high availability support ensures minimal downtime for mission-critical applications